Laura and Michelle – Ballyseede Castle

Laura and Michelle Ballyseede Castle, Tralee Michelle and Laura got married last spring at the gorgeous Ballyseede Castle, which is a stunning Castle in Tralee, Co Kerry. They had their ceremony at the same venue as the reception, which was great, because having everything in one venue meant more time for drinks. They chose Ballyseede […]

Sinead and Barry at The Radisson Blu in Athlone

Sinead & Barry – May 2017 Radisson Blu Hotel – Athlone We all love a good love story, words and giggles by Sinead and Barry, photos by me. Sun showers, rain, fast cars and boats, a beautiful wedding in Galway and onto the Radisson Blu in Athlone for an amazing Party.     WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND THE […]

A Kiss at Sunset

A Kiss at Sunset Why I love this photo. June 2016 Sunset is beautiful time for photographers its one of those special times of the day when colours start to pop, shadows become really interesting and possibilities arise for photos that just aren’t there during the day. I had the privilege to shoot Ciara and […]

Why I love this photo – Uga Church, Lanzarote

Shane and Bevin Playa Blanca – Lanzarote When is comes to your wedding day you go through a whole range of emotions, excitement, nervousness and happiness. Both the bride and the groom go through these emotions on the morning of the wedding. Where the Bride is usually the one to arrive last to the ceremony whilst everyone […]