Michelle and Gary

Michelle and Gary

The Lady Gregory

Gort, Co. Galway

April 2015

The very first time I met Michelle, I knew this was going to be one of those weddings with so much character and special little touches. She was so excited, she had hundreds of ideas, most of them she seemed to be doing herself. Gary is her perfect foil , such a nice guy and as laid back as you could be about things. It was an absolute honour and privilege to be part of their wedding day.

This is their story . .. .


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Cars, pubs and Dancing. An Oldcastle Wedding

Karen and Francis

Oldcastle, Meath

September 2015

Cars, Singing Priests, Pubs, The Beatles and lots of dancing, what a wedding!

Check out the little highlights.

Why I love this Photo – Dancing with Laura and David

Why I love this Photo – Dancing with Laura and David

Abbey Court – Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Weddings are fantastic fun, they are basically a huge party with all your friends and family, and you don’t even have to clean up the next day.  Most of the day I spend in the background, capturing what happens from a respectful distance. All throughout the day, I stay out of peoples way, but when the dancing starts I like to get right in the middle of the action and get some different points of view.

So David and Laura took to the floor for their first dance in the Abbey Court, surrounded by their family and friends. The with some great tunes being pumped out by their band Royal Flush, the dance floor filled with family and friends to join in with the dancing. I love to get in front of the band and get up high and wide, capturing the whole dance floor.  Its great to see all your guests having fun and joining in the celebrations. So with the whole dance floor concentrating on having fun, I made my way into the middle of the dancers and captured this shot of David and Laura having a ball on the dance floor, surrounded by their friends. Best of all they see me and give me a cheer and a thumbs up.

Its now one of my favourite photos, really colourful and filled with people having a great time, which is what a wedding is all about.

Keep your eyes out for my full blog on Laura and Davids Wedding in the Abbey Court, it was a pretty special day.


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Why I love this photo – Uga Church, Lanzarote

Shane and Bevin

Playa Blanca – Lanzarote

When is comes to your wedding day you go through a whole range of emotions, excitement, nervousness and happiness. Both the bride and the groom go through these emotions on the morning of the wedding. Where the Bride is usually the one to arrive last to the ceremony whilst everyone else is already there, the Groom has to wait at the top of the aisle. While he may have a Best Man or Groomsmen there, I always feel that the Groom must feel pretty nervous waiting up there. On this occasion, Bevin and Shane had a beautiful intimate ceremony in Uga, Lanzarote, and Shane was at the top of the aisle by himself. You could see the nervousness on Shane’s face, and of course the excitement. All the planning and the preparation that he and Bevin had gone through had finally come to this point.

So as Bevin was ready to walk in to the beautiful church in Uga, I got ready to take the shots of them coming up the aisle. I always feel like I am in such a privileged position to be able to do this, I get to see everything happening. I get to see the Brides face and the Grooms face.  As Bevin was walking up with her father, looking amazing and chatting away to her father. she looked totally at ease and not a sign of nerves on her face.  With every head in the the small church turned to look at Bevin, Shane was nearly afraid to turn around, he looked so nervous half turned around and half staring at the floor.

As I saw the scene unfold, I just thought that it turned into such a beautiful moment showing a great range of emotion on peoples faces. Its these little moments that really hit me when I am looking back at photos and I get to see it with fresh eyes.

As a Wedding Photographer, I really do get to see some beautiful and real moments.


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Why I love this Photo – The Hill

Why I love this Photo – The Hill

Jenny and Dave

When I was just a wee lad (a lot of years ago, but thats besides the point) my Grandfather Matt would bring me up to the Hill pub in Kylebrack just outside Loughrea on a Saturday evening. The place would fill up nicely with a few card games going on in the front bar and music on in the back lounge. I actually learned to play cards there, but again, thats another story.

Jenny and Dave asked me to shoot their wedding, which i was thrilled about and pretty excited, because they had so many cool plans for their wedding. When we chatted about what to do about photos with just the two of them and they mentioned that they might like to head up to The Hill pub, I did little cartwheels inside. My Grandfather had passed away many years ago and one of the most abiding memories about him, was playing cards with him in the Hill.

So, the day of Jenny and Daves wedding came around, and it went fantastic, the ceremony up in Woodville was just beautiful and the rain held off. We left Woodville and headed up to the Hill, Jenny even pulled a pint of Guinness for Dave. It was so nice outside, we had to go out for a few shots. Jenny was such a cool bride (check out the cowboy boots) and Dave a super cool Groom. We were chatting and shooting when Jenny burst into laughter giving this amazing photo below. Dave in contrast, is as cool as a cucumber in the background enjoying his pint of Guinness. I think this captures them both perfectly as a couple. I love this photo, so much so that I have it hanging on my “Wall of Fame” in our studio. Its a real unscripted moment of fun, nothing fancy, no casts of hundreds, just two people having a proper laugh on their wedding day.



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