A Kiss at Sunset

A Kiss at Sunset

Why I love this photo.

June 2016

Sunset is beautiful time for photographers its one of those special times of the day when colours start to pop, shadows become really interesting and possibilities arise for photos that just aren’t there during the day. I had the privilege to shoot Ciara and Andys wedding in Dromoland Castle recently. For those of you who don’t know it, Dromoland Castle is just outside of Ennis, it is a stunning building surrounded by beautiful ground overlooking its own lake.

I had a chat with Ciara and Andy during the day saying that we might get lucky with a sunset if they wanted to venture out in the gap between the dinner and the band setting up. A quick stroll outside and all we needed was an umbrella, a flash and the beautiful sky to the west. It took about a minute to get this photo, and in my own very humble opinion it was a minute well spent. It also gave the guys a few minutes away, just for some peace and quiet.

Galway Wedding PhotographerI love how Ciara and Andy pop out from this photo, the background sky with its beautiful warm tones, the reflection on the lake and even the grass on the edge of the lake forming a leading line up to Ciara and Andy. To have an opportunity to create an image like this for such an amazing coupleĀ is justĀ fantastic. Hope you enjoy it too.

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