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As I’ve said plenty of times before, Engagement Shoots can be great fun, both for the couple and for the photographer. One great thing about an engagement shoot is you can pick a theme and plan it out, a little bit like a wedding, but not for the same cost. Yvonne and Peter jumped at the idea (well Yvonne certainly did) when Fiona suggested a vintage themed engagement shoot. So Fiona gathered together all of our props that we use on these shoots, including my a Tea Set that belonged to my Grandmother that we think is over 60 years old. Next we talked to the lovely people up in the Three Towers in Kylebrack about using their amazing venue for our vintage themed picnic. So with the sun shining and Fiona ready to do the real hard work of designing the scene we set off to Kylebrack.Engagement Photography Galway  Engagement Photography Galway

The props that Fiona managed to get her hands on were fantastic, we had old Record Players, with LPs (remember those!) of Nat King Cole, we had a 1970’s film Fujica camera (still in working order), an old acoustic guitar and even a few old volumes of some Shakespeare books. We chose to use some of the garden area up at the back of the Three Towers and began by hanging up our bunting and laying out our picnic blankets. I left all the hard work to Fiona who was in her element of designing our little set. The result was superb, and it made my job so much easier. Peter and Yvonne were equally as impressed so we got on with the easy job of taking a few photos.Engagement Photography GalwayEngagement Photography Galway

The shoot went fantastic, the results were amazing if I may say so myself. Its a great way to do something just a little bit different. We had selfies, some readings from Shakespeare, a bit of guitar and even a cup of tea.  We used the photos from the engagement shoot to design and print up a signing board for Yvonne and Peters wedding as a special memento for their guests to sign. On your wedding day, you wont have this sort of time available for you to do something like this, so why not arrange to have a themed engagement shoot with us, we love peoples ideas, and I can’t wait for our next one.

Make sure you watch our little video at the end of this post.

Thank you to Yvonne and Peter for sharing our vision, and thank you to all the guys up at the Three Towers in Kylebrack who let us use their amazing venue.Engagement Photography GalwayEngagement Photography Galway

The Three Towers –

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