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Its not a new trend to get married abroad, people have been doing it for years, and I have to agree with them, its a fantastic way to get married. I had the honour of shooting a wedding in Playa Blanca last week for a wonderful couple (Bevin and Shane), and I had an amazing time. So i thought it would be a good idea to give a few hints and tips from my side of the celebrationsLanzarote Wedding Photography

Lanzarote Wedding PhotographyPhotographing a wedding has a number of challenges, and photographing a wedding abroad carries even more. One of the most obvious ones (to me at least) is knowing the location where the wedding will take place, the church, the reception venue, the beaches, parks, woods, mountains, all these areas that could be a 5 hour flight away (or longer). To get around this, I flew into Lanzarote the day before the wedding to make sure I got to view all these locations, Google Maps is great but you can’t get a real feel for a place on it. In fact I was lucky enough to visit Playa Blanca about 5 months before the wedding, just to check it out for photographic locations. I’m always of the opinion that knowing your location makes it a lot easier for me on your wedding day, I know some photographers don’t like to do this, they like to arrive with no preconceptions of a venue. This is great for just a photoshoot, but when there is a timetable to keep to (loosely) you run the risk of causing delays trying to figure out locations, angles and lighting. In terms of Lanzarote Wedding Photography one big thing to bear in mind is sun and shade, there is a lot of sun, but not too much shade.Lanzarote Wedding Photography

I know a lot of Wedding Planners offer a photographer along with their packages, and that is great, but I always think that when you have someone with you for the majority of your wedding day you should get to know them before hand. You want to make sure that you get on, you are on the same page when it comes to your wedding photographs and you can trust them. This is why I had an engagement shoot with Bevin and Shane before their wedding, it really helped me on the day to know how they would behave and to spot their little mannerisms. On the flip side I think it helped them to relax around me, in fact they were so relaxed, I felt almost like a guest at their wedding.Lanzarote Wedding Photography

Overall my experience of shooting a wedding abroad was a massive positive, everything was so relaxed which in turn helped all the guests and bridal party relax too. In terms of scenery for photoshoots, you will find that there is so much on offer, just because it is different from what we are used to. I really am looking forward to my next destination wedding.


Lanzarote Wedding Photography

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  1. Hi could you give me a price for approximately 11/2 hours photography on the 11th of July in playa blanca for our wedding vows please.

    • Hi Amanda,

      Unfortunately I am not in Lanzarote on that date. Hope you have an amazing day.


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