Make your Wedding Photography Fun

How to make your Wedding Photography Fun

Having Fun with your wedding photos.

One thing that I hear over and over again from couples when we meet to talk about wedding photography is that they really don’t look forward to posing for photos. They have a fear that they will be standing at the side of a lake for 2 hours with the bridal party being ordered to stand in every combination it is mathematically possible to put them . . . Bride and Groom, Bride, Groom 2 Bridesmaids; Bride Groom and 2 cousins 3 times removed . . Don’t worry, its not like that at all. I want my “posed” wedding photos to be fun, to be a part of your day that you will look back on and say “that was actually a bit of craic”. And thats how it should be, there should be no part of a wedding day that you should dread (apart from the speeches, but thats another blog altogether)

Wedding Photography Fun Wedding Photography Fun

Lets be honest, unless you are a model, its really hard to hold that smile and make it look genuine all day long. You should have a real laugh or smile on your face when you are with your new husband/wife and your closest friends.  And a real laugh looks so much better than a forced posed one. I send couples off away for a few minutes, and let them spend a little time together telling each other what happened that morning whist they were getting ready. The funny little stories and what seemed like a crisis just a few hours ago, are now just laughed at.

Wedding Photography Fun Wedding Photography Fun

I like to let the lads loose on each other and see what happens, as long as their clothes stay on and relatively dry,  I have no problem with what they do. They usually lift each other up or try to throw the Groom into a lake or fountain. The girls are the same, I usually let them loose on the Groom for a few minutes, that makes for fantastic fun photos.

Wedding Photography Fun Wedding Photography Fun Wedding Photography Fun Wedding Photography FunWedding Photography Fun

One last thing, lets be honest, things will not go according to plan on your wedding day. The best thing to do is to roll with it, and have a laugh with it. Be it the wedding car breaking down, the weather turning sour or even being stuck in a traffic jam, the most important thing is that you are with the people who are closest to you and your guests are all being well looked after back in the venue anyway.Wedding Photography Fun

Its your wedding day, they will be your memories. These moments should be special, they should be fun and they should make your wedding day as amazing as you deserve.


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